Natural Treatment for ADHD
Natural Treatment for ADHD Natural Treatment for ADHD Natural Treatment for ADHD
Natural Treatment for ADHD
Natural Treatment for ADHD
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Natural Treatment for ADHD

Testimonials about Intelligence Integration-Natural treatment

To protect the identities of children and families, all names have been changed


"Moshe Elbaum has produced extraordinary results. In this thoughtful book, he shares his unique program which has successfully helped so many young people."


Ronald P. Stewart, Headmaster of York Preparatory School New York, NY



"…He has helped thousands of kids overcome learning difficulties, attention and behavioral problems. …Moshe developed what he calls   the Intelligence Integration program after overcoming his own learning and physical disabilities... A prestigious health magazine in Israel calls his program one of the 100 milestones in the history  of alternative health."


Rosanna Scotto, TV Anchor Fox 5 News New York, NY



"The specific curriculum that Mr. Elbaum has created is revolutionary in the training of therapists. The depth, rigor, and complexities of the training materials and system are unmatched.This highly unique way to evaluate the physical and energetic intelligence provides an ability to discover root reasons for each dysfunction.To my knowledge, before Moshe Elbaum, no one had been able to isolate the core reasons for many disabilities. Not only can the method he discovered diagnose underlying and often surprising developmental issues, but in many cases the method is able to suggest a cure and healing format."


Ms. Helaine Hazi Ph.D., Expert in Developmental Psychology



"Mr. Elbaum specializes in the education/training of individuals afflicted with auditory and concentration  difficulties, reading and writing difficulties, problems with mathematical reasoning, low self-esteem and self-confidence, hyperactivity, adults who suffer from impaired functioning such as tension, poor coordination, poor body image, and other limitations."

"…Mr. Elbaum has received critical praise from his peers, including educators, psychologists, neurologists, physical therapists, medical practitioners and others, as well as from newspaper publishers, executives and ex-ministers throughout Israel and in the U.S. in connection with his educational methods and the Elbaum Center, which he founded."

"…As a result of his innovative educational theories and therapeutic methods, Mr. Elbaum has also received widespread national and international acclaim and recognition, earning his reputation for extraordinary ability in education."

"In connection with our programs designed to promote public and   private education, and to further our goals in developing higher educational standards, we identified Mr. Elbaum to help us promote and educate the general public as well as the academic and medical communities in the crisis in education faced by many of our institutions nationwide."


Stephen Spahn, Chancellor of the Dwight School and Founder of the Institute for Civic Leadership



"Jacob has matured this year. Last year he needed his own work space to minimize distractions. This year he typically sits at a group table. He approaches his work, especially writing assignments, with more confidence. Tasks that require fine motor skills are all around more manageable. Gross motor skills have improved as well. He has gained confidence in himself as a result of his progress."


RK New York, NY



"We are very happy with the results so far. Michael is doing much  better. The meditation helps him to relax before bedtime. He also does a quick meditation in school sometimes when the noises in the classroom bother him. He is listening more at home and is also more compliant. Homework has been better. There are fewer melt downs."


SP Palm Beach, FL




"We met Moshe Elbaum in November 2003 and the difference he has made in my son’s life since then has been incalculable. At the age of 4 my son had been diagnosed ADHD and ODD. He had poor fine motor skills, was impulsive and aggressive and was described as ‘oppositional,’ ‘stubborn,’ over-stimulated,’ ‘out of control,’ and ‘unpredictable.’ He had worked with occupational therapists, psychologists, and had shadow teachers with him in school, and although they had helped with various aspects of his condition, and he had made progress, he remained extremely hard to manage both at home and at school. We were all struggling.

From the initial consultation with Moshe, it was clear that his approach was very different from any that we had experienced. His evaluation   was systematic and thorough. He observed and tested various functions and seemed to see the whole child not just a jumble of   isolated pathologies. At the end of the evaluation he described my   son’s strengths as well as the challenges facing him. “You child has a hard time sitting still because when he concentrates he stops breathing. He needs to learn to breathe while concentrating,” he said. “Of course   he has a hard time interacting with other children his hypersensitivity to touch makes him feel threatened when other kids touch him.”

Moshe describe systems that weren’t functioning at their optimal levels rather than deficiencies with which my child would be dealing with all his life. Then he presented methods of training and refining those systems so that they could function optimally. He did so in a calm, non-judgmental way. His solutions seemed simple, clear, and comprehensive. He had grasped the ‘whole’ of my child, and spoke about him with compassion and kindness. Moshe gave us hope.

Moshe has worked with patience, humor, and at times, firmness. He   met my son where he was and brought him along to a new place. They did exercises to develop physical coordination, eye coordination, and fine motor skills. Moshe taught him how to reduce his sensitivity to the environment and the sensations he experienced within it. Moshe’s   ability to understand what was going on in his emotional life, to bring it into the open, and to deal with it constantly astounded me.

In May, my son was reevaluated by the neuropsychologist who had first diagnosed him. She noted a major improvement in his fine motor skills and dropped the diagnosis of ODD a diagnosis that is usually extremely hard to reverse. When presenting her findings, the neuropsychologist said, “We almost never see this much progress in a child. It’s striking."    I wrote those words down through my tears so that I would remember them exactly.

This summer at the age of 5 ½ my child started drawing something that his compromised fine motor skills made impossible before. He’s   calmer, more focused, and has more control over his body. He’s learned to breathe while performing physical and intellectual tasks, and has reduced his ‘fidgetiness.’ He can sit still for longer period. He is more reasonable, less rigid, less aggressive. My child respects Moshe and credits him with teaching him things like “learning to write my   letters,” “not hitting other kids,” and “learning to keep doing things, even when they’re hard.” It seems that he has learned from Moshe how to describe things in simple, accessible terms.

I have not mentioned my son’s name in this letter because I want to protect his privacy. But I would be happy to speak with anyone who is interested in working with Moshe, and would not hesitate to recommend him and his trainings to anyone. I believe that they have been key in helping my son function in the world while preserving his sense of himself as whole and competent. Although we still have work to do, the magnitude of change that has already occurred is astounding, and I will forever be grateful to Moshe Elbaum for his contribution to the life of   my child and the lives of those who love and work with him."


SK New York, NY



"The project which the Elbaum Institute has been running in our school   is now in its second year, and it has helped our students very much both individually and by improving the general atmosphere of the school... I see this collaboration as an important and inseparable part of the excellent work that the Elbaum Center began."


Mrs. Reut Gordon, Principal of the David Bloch School - Israel




"Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. Our Katherine is a charming, intelligent girl. She had been having a very hard time with reading. Her frustrations were difficult on us all… In math, she would sometimes switch the numbers. Copying from the blackboard was an almost impossible mission. Katherine happens to be very quick, but  she was always bumping into walls, tables, and chairs and we used to relate it to her moving so quickly. Socially, she was very popular in her class, but rarely invited friends home and never accepted their invitations, always giving different excuses.
Today the difference is enormous. It started in stages…, but after only a month and a half of practice, Katherine can read and understand freely. In math, her grades have not been lower than 90. She forgot what it was like to bump into things. Copying from the blackboard is [now] a routine thing, and there is no afternoon when she is not hanging around with her friends. Her self-esteem has grown. Today she is a very happy child, and we are happy parents."


A & AP, Israel



"When Matthew came to see Moshe, his reading was very slow. He would skip letters from words he read aloud and you could not understand him. Today, after working intensively on focusing his eyes, he can read and understand what he reads (something he could not do before). Today, he brings home good grades as a result of his  enormous improvement. When Matthew first arrived, his writing    looked like bits  and pieces put together. Today his writing is clear and round. He used to walk hunched over. Now his back is straight and he is looser and coordinating [better] between his hands and legs. He was quiet and shy when he first came. With the help of the exercises, he is much more secure with everything he does and it shows.


DA, Israel


Natural Treatment for ADHD

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